As a serial entrepreneur, I've founded two consulting firms and built three non-profit organizations from the ground up. All of these organizations focus on my passion - helping people understand the story behind their data.

Over the years, I've worn many hats - statistician, consultant, researcher, writer, program designer, fundraiser, business developer, facilitator, and mentor. As a result, I've developed a unique combination of skills to know what questions to ask, how to obtain and manipulate data, how to understand what the data are saying, and how to communicate insights so that others can take action.

These days, I'm working on a tech startup in the field of sports analytics - helping sports organizations answer this question: How can we use social media data to find the right athlete for our team?


  • Oracle
    Dr. Borle (Rice University)
  • Sony
    Dr. Davis (U. Tennessee)
  • SanDisk
    Dr. Rice (US Sports Academy)


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