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Carmen J. McKell


Discovering Insights From Data


As a program evaluator, I use advanced analytics to help clients achieve their program goals. I know the importance of asking the right questions, collecting the right data, and communicating the right results to make smarter decisions.


After 20 years of peforming statistical tests in the real world, I've developed a "number-sense" or intuition about reviewing and solving data problems. Now, it's just the way I think, and accepting the alternative hypothesis is a way of life.


Turning ideas into reality is my passion. I love using data to support "start-ups" heading into the unknown. So far, I've started 4 businesses and built 2 non-profits from the ground up. They all use innovative data solutions to tackle major social issues.


Creating, Teaching & Connecting

Carmen McKell


Data Organizations

Carmen McKell


Data Science

Carmen McKell


Data People


20 Years Experience, 300+ Projects, Public & Private Sector

  • Education

    in the U.S. & Canada

    MA - University of New Brunswick, Canada
    BSc - Houghton College, New York

  • 20 Years Experience

    Business Development & Non-Profits

    President & Co-Founder - EvaluPlan Consulting
    President & Co-Founder - BaseMetrics
    Co-Founder - BMAnalytics Pvt Ltd (India)
    Co-Founder - BaseMetrics Mexico
    Founder - NB Rural Health Research Network
    Co-Founder - NB Health Research Foundation

  • 300+ Projects

    in Health Care & Education

    Develop Data Science Programs in US Colleges
    Establish Student Recruitment Offices in India
    Design Data Visualization Software for Statistics
    Evaluate Rural Physician Recruitment Strategies
    Create Hospital Mobile Apps for Smoking Cessation

  • Data Science

    Academic Degree Development

    I am currently working with Colleges and Universities in Canada and the US, developing Data Science Degree programs to train the next generation of Data Scientists.


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Box 1031, Ottawa ON, Canada K1P5P9 | Skype NYC: 1.646.583.1926 | carmen(at)